Oneida Air Systems Introduces New Dust Collection Solutions

Oneida Air Systems has introduced its new Dust-Free Router Hood and Dust Deputy Bagger. The new Bagger combines the patented Dust Deputy cyclone separator with a wall mounted bagging system that turns any wet/dry vacuum into a high-capacity, two-stage dust collection system. According to the company this system is ideal for any workshop, garage, or other space where wet/dry vacuums are regularly used. The Dust-Free Router Hood collects router waste from both above and below the bit, aiming to eliminate post-project cleanup, facilitate fine detail work, and reduce wear and tear on bits.

Oneida Air Systems’ patented Dust Deputy cyclone prevents filter clogging with nearly any make, size and model shop vacuum. to allow for continuously high suction and reduce downtime. Now 20 percent more efficient with Neutral Vane Technology, its design uses centrifugal force to remove more than 99 percent of airborne dust and debris before reaching the filter.

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