Oneida Air System Offers CNC Dust Collectors

Oneida Air High-Vacuum systems are designed specifically for use in CNC applications where high amounts of static pressure are needed at the cutter head to adequately collect airborne dust. The unique configuration of these High-Vacuum systems makes full use of the high-efficiency U.S. motor and cyclone separator to deliver maximum static pressure to multiple dust ports simultaneously. Combined with the patented Smart Boost® technology Oneida Air dust collectors deliver twice the airflow using the same horsepower motor.

According to the company the High Vacuum with SMART Boost is ideal for use with any type of CNC cutting tools as well as saws, jointers, lathes, shapers, planers, routers, sanders and more. The SMART Boost technology provides roughly twice the static pressure of standard dust collectors and pulls maximum CFM at the cutter head. It is fully seam welded with a heavy-gauge steel cyclone separator and a almond-white powder coat finish. It uses Spunbond polyester cartridge filters specifically designed for dust collection applications with 99.9 percent efficiency at 0.2-2.0 microns and is certified with a 2-year limited warranty.

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