Omni Cubed Launches Three New Products

Rigid Cross Brace

As large format tiles have become more popular, specialized tools for transport and installation are in greater demand. Omni Cubed is working on a variety of solutions for these materials. First off the line, are the Rigid Cross-Brace Kit and Horizontal Lifting Handle Kit—two new accessories designed to help stone fabricators and tile installers build sturdy, custom frames around large cutouts and reinforce fragile materials using their existing vacuum cup Sink Hole Saver products.

The Rigid Cross-Brace Kit includes two 4-ft. strengthening bars and four clamps, which enable the configuration of custom frameworks to suit a variety of applications. The Horizontal Lifting Handle Kit provides a comfortable gripping point beyond the ends of the Cross-Brace bars or Sink Hole Saver rails.

Stealth Grips

The new Stealth Grip is a non-marking, synthetic rubber vacuum cup that provides a reliable and convenient hand-hold on flat surfaces such as stone, tiles, and glass. The cups feature Omni Cubed’s FTS™ (Flexible Triple Seal) technology that locks-in vacuum and provides optimum hold, even on textured materials. The handle and thumb pump are made of unique plastic compound that is non-rusting and highly resistant to solvents (compared to metal or ABS handles used on other vacuum cups).

After many years of using the typical black natural rubber vacuum cups in their products, and learning of the growing challenges with staining lighter materials due to the carbon black additive (which is necessary to achieve acceptable durability in the natural rubber compound), Omni Cubed is pleased to provide the industry with a high-quality, durable, non-marking synthetic rubber alternative. To manufacture their cups, a proprietary process is used that results in UV-resistance, weather-resistance, and tear-resistance. Omni Cubed’s vacuum cups meet or exceed the durability aspects of traditional black vacuum cups, with the added benefit of being non-marking.

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