NSI Adds Embodied Carbon Research CEU Course

The Natural Stone Institute (NSI) has announced the addition of a new CEU course entitled Natural Stone Embodied Carbon Research.

Natural Stone Embodied Carbon Research is a 60-minute course that covers recent embodied carbon research, including NSI’s industry-wide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for flooring, cladding, and countertops. These EPDs showcase natural stone’s low embodied carbon compared to manmade materials. The course is designed to help attendees identify ways to reduce embodied carbon in future projects and identify ways to incorporate natural stone into their projects. This course has been approved for credit through AIA, LACES, and GCBI.

Natural Stone Institute Education Committee Chair Daniel Wood (Lurvey) commented: “Many professionals are unaware of the processes behind materials and their production, and how this impacts projects and the planet. This course helps them understand the impacts of their choices and make more informed decisions about material selection. Natural stone embodied carbon research is important to the design industry because it allows professionals to make environmentally responsible choices, align with sustainability goals, comply with regulations, meet client expectations, and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient built environment.”

This course is available to certified CEU speakers for download and presentation through the CEU Events dashboard. To learn more about becoming a certified CEU speaker through NSI, visit www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/CEU.

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