Natural Stone Institute Announces North American Quarry Advocacy Group Steering Committee

The Natural Stone Institute announced that nine applicants have been selected for the inaugural North American Quarry Advocacy Group Steering Committee.

Members of the committee are:

Byron Davis – Salado USA, Florence, Texas
Quade Weaver – TexaStone Quarries, Garden City, Texas
Ann Marie Ramos – New England Stone Industries, Smithfield, RI
Ben Kaus – Vetter Stone/Alabama Stone, Mankato, Minn.
Bernard Buster – Lyons Sandstone, Lyons, Colo.
Peter Prvulovic – Vermont Quarries Corp., Mendon, VT
Ralph Morgan – Polycor, Quebec City, QC, Canada (Bedford, IN)
Reid Kubesh – Coldspring, Cold Spring, Minn.
Eric Chaloux – Miles Supply, Barre, VT

Reid Kubesh has been appointed chair of this committee. Kubesh brings volunteer leadership experience, enthusiasm for the industry and committed support from Coldspring. Their support ensure Kubesh the time and resources necessary to spearhead this initiative and advance the North American Quarry Advocacy Group’s purpose, which is to positively impact quarries of all size.

In its initial meetings, the Steering Committee has identified several key areas of focus, with two  priority work groups: one addressing collaboration in benchmarking and exchange of data and solutions, and one that will collaborate to find solutions for recruiting and retaining employees. The committee will continue to discuss natural stone promotion and educational needs for the North American sector.

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