Natural Stone Institute Adds to Resource Library

Eighteen new “Queries & Quandaries” articles have been added to the Natural Stone Resource Library. Authored by Natural Stone Institute Technical Director Chuck Muehlbauer, the articles originally appeared in the association’s member newsletter, The Cutting Edge. A wide variety of topics are covered in these articles, including tolerances, stone anchors, testing flexural strength, and countertop overhang limits.

294 documents are now available for download via the Natural Stone Resource Library, including technical bulletins and modules, Dimension Stone Design Manual chapters, and resources from other industry associations, including the National Building Granite Quarries Association and the Indiana Limestone Institute. All documents are available free of charge. Since launching in 2015, the Library has seen over 225,000 downloads. The Natural Stone Resource Library has become a trusted resource for stone companies, architects, designers, and construction professionals.

Access the Natural Stone Resource Library at

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