MS Int’l Appoints Co-Presidents

M S International, Inc., an importer and distributor of countertops, flooring, wall tile, and landscaping products in North America, appointed Rajesh and Rupesh Shah as co-presidents of the company.   Manu and Rika Shah, founders of MSI, made the announcement at a gathering of MSI’s leadership team.   Rajesh and Rupesh, both graduates of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, have been working as executive vice presidents of MSI for almost ten years.  In their new roles, they will be responsible for the growth of the company through strategic thinking, developing leaders, managing and expanding the distribution network, improving the supply chain and continuing to build MSI’s product portfolio.  Both brothers will also be responsible for evaluating and executing new opportunities in the marketplace.

“Raj and Rup Shah have successfully led massive efforts to make MSI a powerhouse in the flooring, countertop, wall-tile and landscaping industry,” said Manu Shah, CEO.  “They have been instrumental in developing many product lines with fresh approaches while streamlining product purchases from over 36 countries.”

“As the economy continues to improve, we look forward to working with our vendors and customers to continue to make our products more accessible and affordable in the marketplace,” said Rajesh Shah.  “We have been given a great foundation and thank the entire MSI team for the opportunity given to us.”