Moraware Introduces Systemize

Systemize-Job-detail-pageMoraware has introduced Systemize, a scheduling software for countertop fabricators. Systemize enables consistent communication in the office and the fabrication shop.

Making sure that tasks get done well and on time is a key to success. Systemize helps keep activities organized and streamlined. This software will allow anyone who answers the phone to immediately tell a customer the status of their job.

Bottlenecks in processes can be addressed to ensure that issues get dealt with and to reinforce a consistent workflow. Systemize reporting lets a business view important details and measure what was done last time so it can be improved upon the next time. Reporting can also help determine useful things like which install crew is most effective and which crew generated the most repair calls.

Right now, Systemize is only available to new customers. Those already using Moraware JobTracker or CounterGo will need to wait for Systemize as the company gets everything in place to allow a migration for existing customers.