Meganite Introduces The Nature Series

Meganite has introduced its new series of colors for 2023: The Nature Series.

The collection is designed to reflect the natural authentic texture of nature. Embracing the details and elements of all wildernesses it creates a harmonious space that exudes sophisticated and dynamic aesthetics of nature elements.

According to the company the design of this year’s solid surface not only captures extraordinary texture aesthetics but also obtains the fundamental functionality of Meganite Solid surface.

The Nature Series includes:

  • Soft Statuario is a specter of soft white with a diffusion of warm-grey subtle veins that delivers an elegant infusion of smoothing energy to any spaces.
  • Mont Blanc’s soft and warm base is complemented by white marbling veins to create an intriguing pattern.
  • Himalaya features an earthy base and grey-black brushstrokes to create a robust and majesty visual statement.
  • Crater Lake is an earthy mud-color with sandy veins and scattered sparkled shells that are set swirling across a rich, earthy grey base for striking dimension and depth.

To endure the tough environment and high-traffic circumstances, attributes of a solid surface such as non-porous and seamless joints are fundamental requirements to achieve a hygienic environment.

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