Meganite Introduces Acrymed

AcryMed by Meganite is an advanced antimicrobial acrylic solid surface material designed for use in healthcare environments. AcryMed has antimicrobial protection integrated into the solid surface sheet during production, protecting the product itself against stain and odor causing bacteria.

AcryMed is certified in accordance with ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801. It offers integrated hygienic surface protection with a significant impact that works effectively against bacteria.

The material is easily repaired and maintained, stain resistant, thermoformable, easy to fabricate and may qualify for LEED points.

AcryMed’s versatility, durability, and design aesthetic make it the ideal solid surface for a number of applications in healthcare environments. AcryMed can withstand high traffic in public areas and improve hygiene of surfaces which makes it highly suitable for food service and public facilities applications as well.

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