M S International Introduces New Q Premium Colors

MSI Q Premium Natural QuartzM S International (MSI) has introduced new white marble looks, chic concrete-finish styles and new warm creamy hues, all showcased on the redesigned Q Premium Natural Quartz website by M S International. Also among MSI’s exclusive releases are builder colors in the most popular shades of gray and Calacatta looks featuring the trending style of prominent long veining.

Q is a suitable choice for both bathrooms and kitchens. The new color releases include: Calacatta Pearl, a light grey beige with dark veins; Calacatta Taj, a rich creamy background with long veining; Calacatta Venice, a warm white background with subtle broad veining; Ivory Cream, a warm off white pallet with flecks of color; Manhattan Gray, a dark gray background with darker specks; Portico Cream, a mix of cream, gray and beige; and Rolling Fog, a mix of muted grays with cream and white.

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