Lapitec Presents Nero Velluto

Lapitec’s large-scale full body slabs are made from a mixture of minerals with no additional toxic substances or petroleum derivatives. This 100 percent natural composition also defines the chromatic range of the material, which doesn’t come in artificial hues, but rather in an exclusive range of colors called “Assoluto” – absolute – for its deep, rich tone.

New for 2020, Velluto-finish Nero Assoluto in 12- and 20-mm thick slabs has been given an exceptionally delightful texture. Through a mechanical process applied to the surface a matt finish that is warm to the touch is created. According to the company Nero Velluto is perfect for tabletops, accessories, kitchens and bathrooms, or for indoor and outdoor horizontal and vertical coverings and claddings.

The special full body structure of Lapitec slabs ensures that the color remains perfectly even throughout; even if scratched, drilled or cut. Lapitec slabs are water-repellent and heat-, impact-, scratch-, stain-, mold-, solvent- and chemical- resistant.

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