Lapitec Granted First CE Mark

Lapitec draws inspiration from nature, but through a patented production process, it reinterprets its codes, creating something new and distinct from any other surface existing in the environment and on the market. Non-porous on the surface, ‘full-body’, therefore identical throughout its entire volume, silica-free, and highly resistant, Lapitec differs from natural stone, semi-precious stones, quartz, granite, ceramics, solid surfaces, and other surfacing materials.

In May 2023, the EC (European Commission) and EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessment) officially adopted a new EAD (European Assessment Document) that defines a new product category known as Sintered Stone. Following specific tests and the completion of an appropriate DoP (Declaration of Performance), Lapitec is the only material that currently meets all the requirements of the document. As a result, it has been granted the CE mark for the building category, reaffirming itself at the only sintered stone in the world.

‘An industrial product consisting of a wet mix of minerals, without the use of resin or cement. The material is cold-formed by vacuum vibro-compression and then consolidated, after drying, by sintering at temperatures between 1,100 and 1,200°C. The production process is reversible. The material can be used in architecture and design for various interior and/or exterior applications and can be installed by means of adhesives, structural bonding or mechanical fixings’.

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