Laminam Releases 2022 Sustainability Report

Laminam, an Italian producer of natural surfaces for interior and exterior design applications, has officially released the company’s 2022 Sustainability Report, stating a dedicated multifaceted approach to channeling investments towards the environment, people and the territory in which it operates.

“Laminam benefited from wise strategic choices, capitalizing on investments made as early as 2021 and choosing to strengthen these investments for the future, focusing on the group’s milestones: internationalization, digitization, human resources and sustainable innovation,” stated Alberto Selmi, Laminam’s CEO.

This vision not only looks to the immediate future, but also beyond, and it is articulated in tangible and measurable actions. The 2021/2022 two-year period saw the implementation of a substantial investment plan in new plants and machinery to support both an increase in production and an improvement in environmental performance levels.

These include the renewal and extension of the photovoltaic system in Fiorano, Italy, a photovoltaic system in the works for Borgotaro, Italy, and another in Castello?n, Spain, along with two trigeneration projects.

These activities are part of the sustainable industrial development model, successfully reaching the highest standards in the sector. From the gradual break away from traditional energy sources to consumption level efficiency, scraps reduction, and recovery, Laminam’s view is to achieve circularity while paying particular attention to safeguarding biodiversity.

Laminam is determined to achieve increasingly ambitious and certifiable goals. Throughout 2022, the company’s existing extensive range of certifications has been supplemented with the ISO 14064-1 certification, resulting from the study on the Company’s Carbon Footprint, along with the ISO 20400 “Sustainable Procurement” Certification.

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