Laminam Launches New Designs

Laminam has launched new color additions to the Calce, IN SIDE and Fokos Collections. The new designs include:

  • The Le Terre Series, part of the IN-SIDE Collection 
    Featuring a gradient of soft, muted colors that are deeply rooted in the Italian way of life, the ‘Le Terre’ series, part of the IN-SIDE Collection, features three new colors – Terra di MateraTerra di Saturnia and Terra di Pompei, which vary between beige-ivory, grey taupe and a warm-brown shade with a hint of light champagne. 
  • Talco & Grafite, part of the Fokos Collection
    Two new colors added to the Foko Collection – Grafite is a deep shade that draws inspiration from the dark grey and compact mineral graphite extracted from the earth’s subsoil. It is the perfect alter ego to Talco, a lighter shade inspired by primordial natural elements.
  • Terracotta, part of the Calce Collection
    Laminam has answered the call for a new Terracotta color. Part of the brand’s existing Calce Collection, this cozy vintage red transmits warmth and depth to any project.

Additionally, after a rigorous process of more than eight months, Laminam has announced that it has obtained ISO 20400 certification – the certification that regulates standards and guidelines for?sustainable procurement at the international level. The ISO 20400 guidelines help Laminam outline expectations of suppliers on key issues, including product carbon footprint, human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, fight against corruption and business ethics. Laminam’s achievement of the standard’s requirements make it the first among porcelain surface manufacturing companies to achieve this goal.

The ISO 20400 certification is further confirmation of Laminam’s commitment to a sustainable business model, in addition to the ISO 14001 certification obtained for its Italian plants in 2021. The latter certification guarantees the presence of a management system designed to monitor the company’s environmental impacts, accompanied by a constant search for sustainable process improvement.

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