Laminam Launces Diamond Series

Laminam, a producer of natural surfaces for interior and exterior design applications, has officially launched the highly anticipated new Diamond Series in the North American market. The state-of-the-art collection highlights Laminam’s commitment to innovation, extreme durability and timeless design.

Through dedication to surface innovation, Laminam’s R&D department has crafted two new finishes as part of this color collection. The Polished Starlit finish is characterized by its stardust effect created from a special formula based on quartz powder, making it a perfect fit for contemporary projects. The Caress finish offers a delicate tactile experience with a soft to the touch finish.

Available in the new Polished Starlit finish and the popular Bocciardato finish, Calacatta Black emulates the refinement of black marble while infusing warmth with subtle hints of beige. Its versatility opens new avenues for creativity including countertops, flooring, stairs, wall cladding, exterior facades, furniture, wet areas, fireplace cladding and more.

With its soft and delicate aesthetic adorned with beige, amber, and gold veining, Cristallo Gold captures the essence of natural crystal with enhanced patterns across a milky surface. The graphic purity and functional grace of this color come together to give life to an extremely versatile and modern surface that is ideal for any environment. Cristallo Gold is available in the Polished Starlit and Caress finishes.

According to the company Laminam natural surfaces are ultra durable and easy to fabricate, have a high resistance to UV rays, thermal shock, stains, scratches and abrasion. Suitable for a wide range of applications, Calacatta Black and Cristallo Gold are available in several different formats and thicknesses, allowing for unlimited creative possibilities for architects and designers, for both residential and commercial projects.

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