Lackmond Stone Presents Its New Product Catalog

Lackmond Stone Product CatalogLackmond Stone, a leading distributor of professional tools and equipment, released a new 156 page, full color product catalog.  The catalog features many new products, and full line of stone tools, supplies and equipment.

Lackmond Stone’s new catalog features CNC tooling, diamond tools, auto-edge machine tools, abrasives, adhesives, stone care, power tools, machines & equipment, material handling and much more.  The catalog showcases products customers need and the brands they trust such as, Tyrolit, Nemi, Alpha, Abaco, Groves Products, Flex, Omni Cubed, FIMAD, Makita, Metabo, Bonstone and more.

Ted Skaff, VP of Marketing said, “We designed a catalog that will allow us to serve our customers.  It is simple to navigate through and provides all the necessary information to make informed decisions.”  Lackmond Stone’s new catalog also features an index by product and by vendor and has information about its website showing how to easily place an order.