Label Printers for Fabricators

Label printers can be an important piece of hardware for manufacturers and large or commercial fabricators. Labeling prevents mishaps and mix-ups, and it makes it simple to sort and categorize both stock and finished product.

Labeling can be part of a countertop fabricators inventory process, to help identify brands, colors and lots of a particular piece of scrap or sheet/slab, and can also be valuable in identifying what pieces of fabricated material go to what job or even where at a particular jobsite. This can be of extreme value when handling large or commercial projects where there may be numerous similar pieces of material.

Labeling finished product can take the guesswork out of installers hands, and can help eliminate problems color-matching.

One of the top models of label printers is the Epson ColorWorks C3400-LT Color Label Terminal, which includes a fully functional computer. This makes all of the printer’s features available in one stand-alone unit, and there are no connectivity hassles or compatibility issues that may be experienced with accessory printers.

Compact and All-Inclusive Label Printing

The Epson C3400-LT comes complete with a high-speed processer and a 12.1-inch color LCD touchscreen monitor that includes XGA and TFT technologies. The touchscreen makes the printer simple to control, and it uses space efficiently because neither a mouse nor a keyboard is required.

It uses an onboard 1.0 GHz Intel Atom E640 computer processor, which works in conjunction with 1 GB of preinstalled RAM that can be upgraded to a maximum of 2 GB. In addition to the CPU and memory, this printer includes a 250 GB hard disk drive (HDD), six USB ports and a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port.

To bring all of the hardware together and make the printer simple to control, it includes the Windows POSReady 2009 operating system streamlined for use in business equipment that primarily serves in a limited capacity, such as printers and cash registers.

Fast, Efficient Printing

Coupled with the computing capability is a fast and efficient color inkjet label printer with Just in Time color printing technology. This technology virtually eliminates wasted labels and reduces the overall cost of label printing. Using this system, labels don’t have to be preprinted on full sheets, which can cause hundreds of labels to go unused. You are able to print only the labels you need at the moment they are needed.

The inkjets in this printer use MicroPiezo inkjet technology, which includes automatic nozzle checking and allows for high-speed color printing. It uses two ink cartridges: a composite black cartridge and a single CMY pigmented ink cartridge.