Heated Stone Products Offers New FeelsWarm Stone Countertop Heating System

Minnesota-based Heated Stone Products offers the FeelsWarm Technology, a natural FeelsWarm Granite Countertop Heating Systemstone countertop heating system that uses ultra­?thin heating elements that take the chill out of natural stone. Designed specifically for countertops, the system gently raises the temperature of the stone 20 to 25 degrees F, just enough to remove the initial cold shock when a person  touches the surface. The system’s low-voltage heating elements can be integrated into stone slabs, and are also available in custom or standard-sized stick-on versions. While authorized dealers determine the  exact pricing, the approximate installed price is comparable to to other stone upgrades, such as edging or color. Typically only a portion of the countertop is heated – where a person’s arms rest – which minimizes the cost. Either an optional temperature controller or easy-to-use programmer operates the heating element, allowing users to schedule on and off times automatically depending on their needs.

Heated Stone Products is in the process of building a network of authorized dealers and fabricators across North America. The product is available in three options. The first is integrated heaters. Suitable for construction or remodeling projects that involve new stone countertops. The integrated version are embedded into the stone and are flush on the under-surface, with the electrical wiring completely hidden. An authorized dealer determines the exact size of heater needed, based on the countertop specifications, and Heated Stone Products then designs and fabricates each custom heater within one week so that it fits within a normal delivery window for the countertop project. The second option is customized stick-on heaters. This option is also customized, but to an existing countertop’s shape and design, and are attached with specialized, permanent, pressure-sentsitive adhesive. The electrical cord location is customized to match the location of exisiting power. An authorized dealer works with the consumer to coordinate measurment and installation. The third version is pre-sized stick-on heaters. This is also for customers who want heated countertops and already have stone countertops installed. This under-the-counter stick-on heater system comes in standard sizes including 11- by 24-in, 11- by 36-in., 11- by 48-in., 11- by 60-in. and 17- by 30 in. These heaters don’t require a professional installer and are suitable for desks and rectangular counters with overhangs.

One of the key features of the sytem is that they provide uniform heating across a surface, which is critical because granite and other stone products are poor thermal conductors, so heat doesn’t dissipate well within the stone. To heat the stone surface evenly, a heating element needs to cover as much of the surface area as possible. This main system involves a 0.025-­in.-thick profile and enables the heater to be embedded in the stone without impacting its structural integrity. Stick­?on models can be added onto the bottom of a countertop and won’t protrude down into the open space, particularly with overhangs and unsupported areas. Stick­?on heaters also have a high impact resistance overlay to protect against abrasion and protrusion. They operate on low voltage that do not put out stray EMI emissions. They are offered with a five­?year warranty.