Hanwha Adds New Color to HanStone Quartz Boutique Collection

This spring Hanwha Surfaces introduced its Boutique Collection of HanStone Quartz. The Boutique Collection is the first to be created on HanStone Quartz’s second production line featuring Breton Technology. Using robotic arms, the new equipment is able to create soft, deep veining and movement that closely mimics the appearance of natural stone.

HanStone Quartz’s newest color addition to the Boutique Collection, Yorkville, was inspired by luxury designers with flagship stores along the streets of the Toronto neighborhood of Yorkville. As a part of HanStone’s newest line, this hue offers warm cream and subtle grey tones with long wispy veins and movement.

Nonporous, resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, these designs are suitable for use in both residential and commercial applications.

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