Greenbuild Extends Session Proposal Deadline

Greenbuild is soliciting education content that can be presented in-person as part of the 2023 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo in Washington DC, September 26-29, 2023.

Submissions are now being accepted until January 31st at 11:59pm.

In an effort to increase the quality of education session proposals and decrease duplicate proposal submissions, the proposal submitter will be charged a non-refundable, one-time processing fee of $25 for each education session proposal submitted. This will also allow for the most efficient use of the time of more than 250 volunteer proposal reviewers. 100 percent of the fee proceeds will be donated to the Greenbuild Legacy Project.

For more information about the Legacy Project, please visit: If you have questions about submitting your proposal, please contact the Greenbuild Program Team at [email protected].

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