GMR Quality Stone Products Offers Nemo Grabo Electric Suction Cup

A new electric vacuum suction cup is now available from GMR Quality Stone Products.

Grabo incorporates multiple patents and technological innovations developed by engineers at Nemo Power Tools over the course of several years. Unlike traditional suction cups that are only capable of creating a good seal with flat, clean and airtight surfaces, Grabo’s unique seal allows the tool to adhere to rough, etched surfaces.

Many construction materials are porous to varying degrees. Standard suction cups can not hold porous materials for more than a few seconds, even if the surface is flat enough to create a seal. A vacuum cavity on top of a porous material will quickly fail as air seeps in through the material.

Grabo overcomes this and allows secure adhesion to these materials by constantly pumping out a large volume of air at a rate greater than the diffusion rate of air though the surface.

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