Ghines Group Offers SYSTAR XL- Stone Fab Center & Cutting Machine – Miter Saw

SYSTAR XL, offered by Ghines Group, is a top-end stone fab center, stone cutting machine and miter saw in one. Thanks to the high-end linear guides and a non-vibrating steel frame, it performs accurate straight and miter cuts.

The highly precise V cut allows the edges to appear as a natural continuity of the veins, elevating the material (and the abilities of the marble worker). Fabricators will be able to create and finish big islands or L-shaped worktops out of one piece, without moving the slab.

Other applications include:

  • worktops
  • L-shaped islands
  • backsplash
  • fireplaces
  • arches
  • architectural elements
  • sills & stairs


  • stone cutting: 4 sides at 90°/45°
  • shaping and polishing (internal and external)
  • cutting out sink holes (also by blade)
  • recessed drainer/drain grooves
  • slots on edges
  • edge polishing (on straight and inclined edges)

The SYSTAR XL allows for large work strokes because of the open frame with no limits for the length of the slab. It includes nine spindle positions and fast tool changes.

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