Festool Offers New Versatile Router 

The new Festool Router OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus boasts extreme versatility and precision. Easy to use with or without the guide rail, the OF 1010 R router is ideal for fine routing work. Thanks to its size and low weight, it can be accurately guided along edges, lines or curves.

The OF 1010 R router comes equipped with chip catcher, 1/4-in. clamping collet (6.35 mm), 5/16-in. clamping collet (8 mm), collet wrench and systainer. The routing depth can be adjusted to the nearest 1/256-in. (0.1 mm) and router bits can be changed quickly. The OF 1010 R can be used for a variety of applications such as routing profiles, grooves, rabbets and dovetail joints.

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