Felder Group Presents kappa 590 Premium Sliding Table Panel Saw at IWFS 2019

Felder Group invites you to IWFS  2019 to view the new kappa 590 Premium Sliding Table Panel Saw. The new twin-pivot unit has a total swivel range of 92° and achieves a cutting height of 202 mm for saw blades with a diameter of 550 mm. This saves valuable working time and simplifies the cutting of internal mitre and simple compound cuts.

The company states that the highly efficient synchronous motor with continuously adjustable speed control from 2,000 to 5,000 rpm guarantees constant high performance and best power transmission with state-of-the-art Poly-V-belt technology.

All axes of the machine can be controlled ergonomically and intuitively by the central operating unit with 15-in. touch screen. The in-house software with graphical user interface, a multitude of programs, a USB interface and the prepared network connection make work easier and guarantee efficiency and productivity.

The new Premium Sliding Table Panel Saw also has all the proven Format-4 virtues and quality features. According to the company, with these Format-4 system solutions, different outrigger versions and individual control variants, the kappa 590 sliding table panel saw makes perfection the norm.

Features include:

  • Saw blade tilt +/-46°
  • Complex angle cuts as easy as possible – intuitive machine control with 15″ touch screen
  • Highly efficient synchronous motor with continuously adjustable rotating speed
  • Preparation for automatic cutting optimization and network connection
  • 3-axis scoring unit control with park position (optional)
  • Positioning control of the rip fence
  • Unlimited tool storage positions
  • Complete cutting sequences programmable
  • Possibility of importing cutting sequences
  • Additional functions: rabbets, grooves, notches, angle cuts, oblique cuts plus, false mitres, compound cut plus, concealed V-neck, hip and valley rafters as well as various geometric shapes

Felder Group invites you to visit them at booth #8625 at the IWFS Fair in Las Vegas July 17-20.

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