Federal Brace’s Best Selling Supports Get New Finish

Stonehaven Countertop Support Post
Stonehaven Countertop Support Post

Federal Brace rolled out an all new finish, Polished Stainless Steel. According to Federal Brace, the polished stainless steel creates a beautiful, chrome-like mirrored look. The best selling Stonehaven, Foremont and Dilworth supports are now available in this finish.
The Stonehaven Countertop Post support features a top plate 7 in. long to support up to a 15 in. deep counter. It can hold up to 300 lbs., allowing for a safe mount of thick granite, quartz, marble, other natural stones and concrete countertops.
The Dilworth Countertop Post support provides an elevated second counter directly above the base counter. A 5-in. height and 500 lb. carry capacity makes it a fit for floating a countertop of granite, quartz or other stone material. The post is designed for counters no greater than 12 in. deep.
The Foremont Elevated Counter support can be utilized to create a reception counter, breakfast bar, etc. The top plate is 10 in. long to support up to an 18 in. deep counter. The support can hold up to 500 lbs. and mounts directly to the top of your counter.

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