Federal Brace Introduces the Atlas Floating Vanity Support

The Atlas Floating Vanity Support is Federal Brace’s inaugural product launch in the new Atlas Collection of heavy-duty braces. This heavy-duty support provides industrial strength for a variety of commercial construction projects. Designed specifically to address industry need, the Atlas Line offers a higher carry capacity than previously feasible while allowing for the volume necessary in a commercially-oriented space. Released first in a size of 37.5 in. tall with 24 in. of depth for standard vanity cabinets, the Atlas Floating Vanity Support will be joined by additional sizes and profiles, including a cantilever brace and much more.

Tested to withstand a load of 1500 pounds with an additional 300-pound point load capacity per pair, the Atlas Floating Vanity Bracket ties directly into the floor and is sunk into a 4-inch concrete slab with ? in. anchors, offering up a maximum carry capacity and increased durability. A 2×2 tubular steel arm made of strong, 11 gauge material, extends from the primary column, bringing support to the cabinet while remaining entirely hidden. The 6×6 footplate in ½ in. thick steel extends to provide reinforcement at the base of the cabinet, providing a floating look. While available in an unfinished steel which can be customized on the jobsite, Federal Brace offers custom quoting for powder coated pieces. The increased point load capacity and durable, minimalistic design of this brace make it an excellent option for high-traffic spaces, such as hotels, restaurants and other commercial facilities.

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