Federal Brace Introduces New Carolina Size & Finish

Federal Brace has begun to distribute a new size and finish of the Carolina commercial support, a bracket providing industrial level strength for a variety of commercial and residential projects. The versatile Carolina support bracket can be integrated into home office workstations, heavy-duty storage shelves, as well as larger commercial projects such as schools, hotels, and banks.

Installed directly to the side of the wooden stud in the wall, the Carolina support made from strong, 11 gauge material promises strength while providing the increasingly popular ‘invisible’ look. The 500-pound carrying capacity can hold a variety of natural stones and other materials, and the new white finish offers even more options to match hidden bracket project designs.

The Commercial Carolina bracket is engineered for heavy-duty lifting in a variety of different applications. For example, this support would be ideal for service window/reception counters, workstations, locker rooms, bars, and more. In addition, the Carolina can be installed in compliance with ADA standards to create accessible public restrooms, dining areas, gyms and more.

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