Federal Brace Introduces New ADA Floating Support Brackets

The Braila ADA Floating Countertop Support incorporates the sturdy construction of Federal Brace support brackets while adding a bigger capacity for floating countertops and floating stone surfaces. According to the company this bracket can support up to 36-in. depth overhangs, counters, and desks. Designed to be the answer for floating countertop needs, while also having the additional benefit of being ADA approved, the Braila ADA Floating Countertop Support is here to be your trusted floating countertop support. This brace is built to last for any commercial application. Once installed, it boasts a 375 lb. carry capacity.

The Olympus ADA Residential Floating Vanity Bracket is an ADA Compliant floating vanity support for residential applications with a 500 lb. carry capacity. Unlike the Atlas, which is a similarly designed support geared towards commercial applications, this product can be installed into the base of a stud wall. This makes the Olympus a great option for residential vanity applications where a wheel chair may be used. This support was carefully designed for heavy vanity loads with its half-inch thick fortified tube and half-inch thick plate. Once installed, it boasts a 500 lb. load.

The Olympus uses an additional blocking bracket between the studs to add strength and prevent tipping with heavy point loads. This product is available in unfinished steel, which can be finished for a project’s specific requirements, or left raw due to its hidden application.

To meet ADA compliant guidelines, counters shouldn’t be mounted higher than 34-in. from the floor, and they should have a knee clearance of 27-in. high, 30-in. wide, and 11 to 25 in. deep. A clear floor space is needed and insulated pipes under the counter when the application is for a sink. When mounted at the appropriate height, Federal Brace ADA Countertop Support Brackets will provide the 27-in. knee clearance and be ADA compliant.

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