Fabricating for Small Spaces

From condominiums to tiny homes, BLANCO sinks are the optimum small space solution.

As downsizing continues to be a trend in the housing market, tiny homes are becoming more and more popular. However, is tiny living a sustainable lifestyle? And, what design options are available for such small spaces? In a Houzz survey of tiny house dwellers, 58 percent said it is easy to live, relax and feel at home in a small space. Yet, 47 percent said it is difficult to find space for cooking, crafting and other projects. BLANCO reached out to designers and fabricators, asking what their top choices are to help maximize small kitchen spaces.

What material is best for small kitchen counter tops?

90 percent of fabricators and designers surveyed said quartz or granite is the best surface for counter spaces in tiny homes. Both materials allow for easy maintenance, durability, and best functionality for limited spaces. These key components are important throughout the space, including in sinks and fixtures. BLANCO’s patented SILGRANIT® material is heat- and chip-resistant and comes in a multitude of sink designs; making it an easy choice for tiny kitchens. SILGRANIT® sinks are both durable enough for constant use, and stylish enough to fit into your home’s design.

What color is most popular for countertops in small space kitchens?

Fabricators seemed to agree on the answer to this question, as most answered that white or other light colors look best in smaller kitchens. Paul Menninger, President of Capitol Granite stated, “White with light grey veining, or even solid light-colored countertops are most popular as they make small spaces appear larger.” A light, airy feel is key to making small spaces seem larger.

Karen Roe of NSMotif recommends, “a consumer should look for simplicity and lighter colors to make the space appear more spacious.” This trend translates to sinks and fixtures as well. Choosing a faucet finish that complements the living area is a crucial detail when designing a small space, where the living area may be combined with the kitchen area. BLANCO considers the ARTONA™ a “livable” kitchen faucet because of its organic style and ability to coordinate with the eight SILGRANIT® colors that are universally complementary with any living space, no matter size, style or aesthetic.

What kind of backsplash do you recommend?

Subway tile or glass accents seemed to be the most recommended when it comes to backsplashes in small kitchens. Many fabricators and designers also suggest a small backsplash, “beveled tiles add texture while mirrored tiles help bring light to a small space,” said Tami Powers, of Garden State Tile. While backsplashes may not be the first thing on your mind when designing a functional small kitchen, choosing the right one is essential in maximizing your space.

What should a consumer look for in a small space kitchen sink?

Kellie McTyre of Garden State Tile told us that functionality is key, recommending smaller sized sinks with a drain rack. The BLANCO PRECIS™ sink is an obvious choice when it comes to small spaces. Its compact size (it comes in 24-in. and 27-in., among other sizes), undermount feature, and Floating Grid make it extremely functional in spaces of all sizes. The Floating Grid feature allows for more counter space; offering a convenient drain rack that’s perfectly sized to sit approximately 4-5 in. off the PRECIS sink bottom. This second sink level can act as a prep station, extra counter space, a dish drying rack and more.

Tiny space living, and more specifically small space kitchens can be extremely functional and sustainable – especially if the right design choices are made. From a wide range of SILGRANIT® color choices, to undermount and Floating Grid features, BLANCO has countless options that can help maximize your tiny house space.