Durasein Offers Charming Collection of Neutrals

Created for those who understand that style doesn’t have to be overstated, the Charming collection from Durasein offers a stunningly subtle range of neutral solid surfaces that are anything but basic. According to the company, Durasein is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, stains, chemicals, heat and mildew. The solid surface material is also food-safe, non-toxic, antibacterial and suitable for outdoor use.

The Charming collection colors offer a range of neutral, subtle solid surfaces.

  • Naturally – Inspired by sand and stone with slight stripping of tans and greys that bring a grounding presence indoors.
  • Eventide – A charcoal grey that conjures the spirit of nightfall.
  • Luna – A mysteriously luminous grey color to lead you into a new phase of design bliss.
  • Harmony – Brown and grey now co-exist in one kumbaya color.
  • Serenity -Brings with it a sense of inner calm at finding the perfect grey.

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