Cosentino Presents New Dekton Collection

Liquid Sky (circular slab) and Liquid Shell (rectangular slab) – Image Credit: Alberto Rojas

Cosentino has introduced the Liquid Collection by PATTERNITY for Dekton®, the state-of-the-art, ultra-compact large format surface. Designed by London-based pattern experts and designers, PATTERNITY, in collaboration with Cosentino’s Design Team, the collection was previewed at Design Miami. The 2020 collection offers three new innovative colors.

With a collection that celebrates liquid, it was essential to both Cosentino and PATTERNITY that consideration of water use was at the heart of how the collection is constructed. Cosentino is making steps towards a more circular design process, collecting and reusing 95 percent of water used in production, and is also working to reduce the water used in its manufacturing processes.

These three innovative hues, Liquid Shell, Liquid Embers, and Liquid Sky, center around the beauty of nature, environmental awareness and celebrating sustainable design practice.

Liquid Sky’s unique characteristics consist of a white base with flowing grey veins.

Liquid Shell’s pearlescent shade is a varying off-white with a rippling pattern of the landscape of the ocean floor.

Reminiscent of magma, Liquid Embers is a dark, carbon-like design that visualizes the alchemy of the elements.

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