Business Sense: Why You Should Ask for Online Reviews

20150621-amazon-online-review-petrsvab-6797-676x450A couple of years back, Patrick Foley of Moraware bought a brand new Subaru Outback for the family. Shortly afterward, he received a postcard in the mail asking to rate his experience on Google. Since he was very pleased with the service and deal he received, it was easy to give a five-star review.

Because the dealership took the time to send their customer a card asking for a review and Patrick gave them a positive rating, Google makes it more likely that the next person searching for a Subaru dealer will find or choose the same one.

Customers are increasingly turning their attention to the Web, and it can be an invaluable advertising tool when leveraged properly. Some fabricators rely on their online presence for their livelihood. In fact, some even get most of their business from Angie’s list and other online classified-ad systems that allow uncensored reviews.

A great way to create an account on Houzz and ask customers for reviews in their section dedicated to countertops. Start asking for reviews here and expand to any other appropriate review site online.

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