Business Sense: It’s Time to Hire a Data Person for Your Countertop Shop

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

Not another person to hire! This one is different, I promise. 

To fully understand how your business is performing—whether it is weekly sales, material usage, or employee efficiency—analyzing the data is incredibly crucial for success. If you don’t know where your bottlenecks are, you can’t make the adjustments necessary for improvement. That’s where this role plays such an important part.

Hopefully by now you realize the importance of tracking all the processes in your shop. Now you’ve got the data, but who is pulling that data out so you can learn from it? 

By hiring a person dedicated to pulling out the information you need to make those crucial decisions for your business, you are making an investment in a job that will improve your profitability like never before. 

Why this role is important

A good data analyst will be able to provide valuable insights for your business and help strategize for areas of improvement. Tracking insights for every part of your shop will provide your business a greater ability to grow and succeed. And, you’ll all suffer less headaches! Data can let you see how well your business is doing as well as your employees’ performance. It can also be a powerful tool for motivating your team.

As your countertop fabrication business grows, delegating responsibilities will become more common. Just one of those responsibilities is keeping track of the data in order to gain insight on leads, sales, and employee performance all while communicating that in an easily digestible manner. Finding the right data analyst means putting in the work to effectively market the position, narrow down resumes, and conduct productive interviews. After hiring the right person, make sure to understand the best places to find the data.