Business Sense: Best Hiring Practices for Your Countertop Fabrication Business

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

For years, hiring has always been a huge challenge for the stone industry. Shops are busier than ever, and the labor pool is smaller than ever. We can’t fix that, unfortunately. But, we can try to help by sharing some best practices when it comes to hiring so that you can find and retain a great team!

Whether you’re looking for a new floor manager or technicians to operate fabrication equipment, it’s important to find the right candidate to avoid expensive turnover. To help you fill out your dream team, here are a few best hiring practices for your countertop fabrication business.

Be a company where people want to work

With a shortage of potential employees, it’s extra important for all businesses right now to take the time to look within. What does your company culture look like? It isn’t enough anymore to pay the standard wage. People want to work where they are appreciated, encouraged to succeed, and agree with the company’s values. That seems fair to me!

Here’s where employers can start taking action:

  1. Work to build a positive company culture for your existing employees.
  2. Attract candidates who fit with your company culture.

Since this is a hiring blog, we’ll focus on the second point (though you should definitely take the first point to heart, too). Take the time to really think about your company culture. What’s important to your business, and how do employees and managers interact around the shop?

Once you have a good idea of what your company culture is like, learn how to describe it in job descriptions. The better you can describe your company culture, the more likely you’ll be to attract candidates who are the right fit for your company. This will also help you stand out above all the other shops looking to hire as well.