Business Sense: 8 Wastes for Countertop Fabricators to Cut for Better Efficiency

By Katherine Gifford of Moraware

We’ve been diving deep into lean manufacturing for countertop fabricators over the last few weeks. And because lean manufacturing is all about boosting efficiency with an emphasis on cutting waste, that’s what this whole post is dedicated to!

Think of manufacturing waste like that extra poundage you pick up after eating a bag of Doritos. It might be comforting in the moment, but it doesn’t really add any value to your diet. By cutting processes that don’t add value to your operation (remember: value means anything a customer would be willing to pay for), you can get your operation to run lean and mean.

There are eight wastes you should watch for in your countertop fabrication company if you want to benefit from lean manufacturing methods. By cutting these wastes, you can put your operation on a diet and trim some of that unnecessary fat.

Waste appears in all shapes and sizes throughout every step of your fabrication process. That might sound daunting, but finding and eliminating even one of these eight lean manufacturing wastes will take you one step closer to complete optimization!