Breton Presents Silica-free BioQuartz

Breathing in fine crystalline-silica dust during dry fabrication of quartz slabs has been an ongoing concern in the surfacing industry.

Breton has developed an innovative solution to the silica problem. Breton Bioquartz® is an industrial quartz produced by a pyrolytic transformation of siliceous and feldspar natural sands or even residues of the slabs’ manufacturing processes. The sludges and residual mixtures from the BretonStone Quartz Slabs plant can be used as raw material in the BioQuartz plant.

According to the company, Bioquartz is the first industrial quartz free of crystalline silica, obtained through a special technological process of pyrolytic fusion of a mix of common minerals. Breton has developed and patented slabs produced from this innovative material. This is to enable the production and distribution of 100 percent silica-free quartz slabs and, therefore, totally safe for operators, both during the manufacturing process of the slabs and during transformation into finished products. It is important to note this raw material can only be produced through the Breton Bioquartz® plant.

Bioquartz slabs boast equal technical and aesthetic characteristics of natural quartz slabs, as well as the same ease of processing. BioQuartz represents a circular solution that reduces the cost of production and encourages the adoption of circular business models.

Bioquartz can be produced in Super White and Simi-transparent colors. The innovative production process of Super-White Bioquartz is a Breton patent.

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