Breaking Ground – Building a Legacy: A Look at Anatolia’s New Advanced Porcelain Stoneware Slab and Tile Facility

Anatolia, an international brand of ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as natural stone, has opened a new production facility in the Gulf of Izmir, Turkiye that will produce cutting-edge porcelain stoneware slabs. With a rich history of more than 25 years and a global reach, this facility will house a research and development department, showrooms and offices.

Designed in partnership with Canadian studio Micacchi Architecture and Iglo Architects of Turkiye, the facility is a testament to Anatolia’s passion for design and penchant for innovation. Anatolia’s significant investment in infrastructure development and planning allows its entire production facility to be housed within an enclosed indoor environment. This strategic decision yields multifaceted advantages, such as the mitigation of contaminations. By safeguarding both finished products and raw materials from weather-related elements, an amazing level of operational purity is achieved. Anatolia stands as the sole facility globally with a 100 percent indoor production model, having no aspect of its processes, equipment or inventory exposed to external elements.

The technology used in the factory, warehouse and all operational domains, was designed as a cutting-edge digital and autonomous system. IT systems are the backbone of operations, improving productivity, quality and operational excellence.

Anatolia will have one of the greatest range of body colors on the market, allowing for the most innovative and carefully curated designs. No expense was spared, and no detail overlooked; Anatolia will use both dry and wet materials in the body of their products.

Anatolia has developed a patented and innovative natural stone slab scanning device that is unparalleled in the world. It allows Anatolia to be nimble and portable with their scanning, to give them access to an unlimited number of slabs to scan. This gives them the most flexibility, speed, accuracy, and choice of slabs to scan, and reduces wastage as no slabs need to be destroyed in the process. It also reduces carbon emissions, as the slabs don’t need to be transported.

Anatolia utilizes the highest scanning resolution available on the market, offering the highest quality precision and authenticity of designs, allowing for designs that are virtually indistinguishable from real natural stone slabs. The number of designs continue to expand as new natural stone slabs are located, allowing Anatolia to provide a robust portfolio of designs.

Anatolia’s expert design team carefully scanned and curated a true to nature bookmatch, allowing for the inherent beauty of the stone to shine through. Where others simply mirror, Anatolia appreciates and celebrates the subtle nuances that come through the stone. This replicates the true beauty of how natural stone slabs are sourced, offering authentic sequential book matched slabs, a first in the world for this industry. Anatolia’s designs boast numerous, extensively researched surface finishes. Featuring beauty and elegance, they are inspired by natural textures, while employing high-quality materials. Finishes include Polished, Honed, Satin, Textured and Soft Touch Anti-Slip.

Anatolia’s new facility features three structures that form an integrated production and design unit. The main administrative building houses office space, showrooms and product research and development labs that maximize natural lighting. It adjoins a production plant with a planned total of 10 lines that is also designed to maximize brightness to foster efficiency. Production lines have advanced manufacturing equipment for producing porcelain tiles and slabs. The plant allows designers to experiment with materials and methods to create new products. The third structure is an adjacent centralized storage space made to precisely monitor raw materials and finished products. At 2,267,450 sq. ft., it is among the largest and most technologically advanced in the world.

The company aligned with global machinery innovation leaders, including Sacmi, known for world-class technology with cutting-edge performance, energy conservation and waste reduction. Also, its operational water resources are in a 100 percent closed-loop system, employing state-of-the-art recycling and treatment technologies. Housed within the production facility, the treatment plant illustrates commitment to environmental best practices.

Anatolia’s new facility is undoubtedly an amazing step towards the company’s ever-expansive vision and growing brand legacy. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and working with top-notch designers, it offers immense potential in the production of Porcelain stoneware products and pushes the boundaries of the industry.