BLANCO Introduces QUATRUS R15 Medium Apron Front Sink

BLANCO has embraced small space living by adding the QUATRUS R15 Medium Apron to its stainless steel apron front sink collection. The QUATRUS R15 brings a whole new level of design versatility to space-challenged kitchens, even fitting compact 27-in. cabinets.

The new QUATRUS R15 Apron Front sink is an ultra-compact 25-in. wide farmhouse sink with a generous 9-in. bowl depth. The contemporary design features soft, rounded outside corners and easy-to-clean 15 mm radius inside corners.

According to the company, the result is a sink with a fresh, modern farmhouse look that will solve many of the challenges faced in compact kitchens. The QUATRUS R15 Medium is made of durable, 18-gauge stainless steel with 18/10 chrome-nickel content for exceptional luster and strength.

Optional accessories include a protective grid, 3-in-1 basket strainer, colander and custom-fitted cutting boards in glass or ash compound – efficiently extending the kitchen workspace, saving time and increasing ergonomics.

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