BB Industries Expands Utah Fulfillment Center with New Hire

BB Industries has hired Maverick Wilson as the new Utah warehouse supervisor to manage the company’s expanding fulfillment center.

Wilson has nearly a decade of experience in successfully managing logistics, warehouse operations, inventory management and shipping at the United States Marine Corps Combat Operation Center in Denver, Colo.

“Maverick has an excellent track record of resolving issues, increasing customer satisfaction, and driving overall operational improvements,” said Ted Carver, Director of Logistics for BB Industries.

The company expects to double its space and capacity in November, and is glad to have Wilson to help make that expansion run smoothly. This expansion will allow the company to increase its inventory value by 50 percent, which will reduce stockouts, as well as increase picking efficiencies by 10 percent.

“I know my experience with delivery routing, team workflows and promotional initiatives can help the Utah BB Industries team achieve its profitability goals, while providing world-class customer service,” added Wilson.

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