ATI Decorative Laminates Introduces Frosted Fusion Collection

Abstract Frosted Flower

ATI Decorative Laminates’ Frosted Fusion Collection offers more than 20 exclusive designs combined with a variety of transparent substrates to create the look of frosted glass.

Frosted Fusion designs range from nature-inspired motifs like Abstract Flower Frosted and Pine Cones Frosted to minimalist patterns like Zoom Frosted and the intricate, woven design of Jacquard Frosted. Much like other collections featured in the ever-expanding Fusion Idea Library, many Frosted design expansions are planned for the future. Frosted Fusion also offers custom capabilities. From transforming other existing Idea Library items into Frosted designs to branding and developing custom art – the possibilities are endless.

The Fusion clear substrates are easy-to-install and available in 4- by 8- ft. size, in various thicknesses. These substrates include Acrylic and Polycarbonate. When combined with these substrates, the Frosted Fusion Collection is perfect for divider panels, semi-private panels, wall panels, retail displays, inserts, and more.

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