Arklam Countertops Offers Large-Format Slabs

Arklam Countertops from Tile of Spain offers solutions for kitchen countertops with its large dimensions (1600×3200 mm) and its high-performance technical characteristics.┬áTheses designs are available with Silk, Polished or Polished Matt finish.

According to the company Arklam worktops meet the highest demands in terms of functionality, hygiene and everyday use, as well as aesthetics. Features of the material include: resistance, durability, impermeability and easy maintenance.

Manufactured in large format 1600- by 3200-in. sintered mass, Arklam worktops incorporate a high level of design with the aim of offering a wide selection of finishes and exclusive models that adapt perfectly to the needs of professionals in interior design and kitchen decoration.

Only inorganic materials (not resins or additives) are used to manufacture Arklam countertops, which, after a sintering process, result in an ultra-compact and ultra-resistant surface that is not altered by extreme heat or cold or by ultraviolet rays. It is also resistant to cuts, blows and impacts. And, in addition to scratch-resistance, it is waterproof, as it is a non-porous material, which allows maximum hygiene and facilitates cleaning.

Arklam Countertops respects the environment with its manufacturing, transport, handling and maintenance processes that minimize the consumption of energy resources and the generation of waste.

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