Antolini Presents Precioustone Collection

Antolini has presented a collection of 130 precious gems. Amethyst, quartz, jasper and agate are transformed into coverings of sheer class, creating unrepeatable color combinations which make each installation unique. These stones, particularly of the translucent variety with the potential to be lit-up from behind, create distinctive color effects and add original touches to enhance rooms and make them unique.

The special collection offers some of the most highly sought-after stone slabs in the world. Antolini’s carefully selected natural stone designs each stand for unconstrained stylistic freedom. With worldwide exclusivity over sought after materials and sole access to the quarries, Antolini offers unique pieces in multiple finishes through a network of distributors and partners.

Slabs are available in two sizes – Large: 277cm by 147cm and Jumbo: 315cm by 190cm.

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