Antolini Presents New Exclusive Stone

Antolini has introduced the newest member of the Exclusive Stone Collection, a granite called Patagonia Glacè,

The company states that with its worldwide exclusivity of the most astonishing materials and sole access to the quarries, Antolini is able to offer the most desired and recognizable natural masterpieces in multiple finishes through a network of distributors and partners. Driven by unbound curiosity and passion, Antolini brings Mother Nature’s finest creations to light.  

Amidst its patterns, Patagonia Glacè conceals a proud and powerful spirit. Thanks to this splendid material, any design acquires a sense of mystery. It enriches the surrounding architecture, which becomes free to move away from the constraints of fashion, surrendering space to the unstoppable strength and style of natural stone. An extremely sought-after material, Patagonia Glacè’s astonishing elegance manages to interact perfectly with both classical spaces and more modern, functional essential areas. Sophisticated yet disruptive, this granite is the expression of Mother Nature’s extraordinary craftsmanship and flair.

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