Antolini Introduces Quarzite Colonnata

A new addition to Antolini’s historic Exclusive Collection, Quarzite Colonnata, extends the company’s wide range of products offered.

Quarzite Colonnata’s design has a sense of lightness and openness. A natural stone with great charm, this quartzite is an Antolini Exclusive entirely dedicated to light: its use ensures an endless dialogue with natural lighting, guaranteeing purity and uniqueness within the architecture.

The discontinuous indigo-colored veins of Quarzite Colonnata evokes new volumetric perceptions, setting up a dialogue that takes on a multi-dimensional tone. Perfect for reinventing contemporary spaces, this unique material reveals a mysterious surface where a warm, smooth layer is tinted with creams, taupes and navy nuances.

An intelligent solution for both playing with the nuances of the décor in the living area and extending the candid atmosphere to the sleeping area, Quarzite Colonnata is a natural stone able to cleverly fit into renovation projects and integrate with a more traditional taste. At the same time, it is also capable of enhancing contemporary languages thanks to its perfect mix of technique and form.

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