Antolini Adds Python Black to Exclusive Collection

Antolini added a new stone to its Exclusive Collection, Black Python. The company described its latest addition as cinereal streams of ashen strokes that abound in this chic quartzite in an ensemble of naturally orchestrated beauty. As contoured silhouettes protrude across its igneous surface, the natural characteristics of Python Black emanate an elegance that naturally augments the contemporary interior to arrive at an integral realization of luxury and refinement. A truly unique form of Exclusive Stone in antiquity given to us through aged time in articulation of Mother Nature’s endless beauty.

According to the company the patterns of Python Black vividly reinterpret the shapes of a python’s skin, providing a sophisticated and wildly charming atmosphere to any environment. Bright, flowing and chaotic strokes emerge from a uniform, black background. Thanks to its exquisite characteristics, this natural stone from Antolini’s Exclusive collection is ideal for interior applications as well as outdoor structures.

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