Alpha Professional Tools Introduces Ecoguard W6

Alpha Professional Tools® has introduced the newest addition to its Ecoguard Dust Collection line up.

The Ecoguard W6 is designed for collecting dust and debris when using a high-speed angle grinder with a vacuum.

The Alpha Ecoguard W6 fits on most 4-1/2-, 5- and 6- in. angle grinders. This unique guard was built for heavy-duty applications and has unique features such as the support base for precise cuts as well as an adjustable cutting depth to a maximum of 1-3/4 in. The clear cover allows for better visibility and is easy to install. It allows you to convert your existing dry angle grinder into a dustless tool and save money without the expense of a second tool.

The Alpha Ecoguard W6 comes with the following: multiple connectors for most popular grinders on the market today; inner flange; lock nut; spacers; stainless steel hose band; rubber hose adapter; side handle and pin wrench. In addition, for convenient attachment to a vacuum, Alpha offers a flexible hose, which can be purchased along with Ecoguard W6 as a kit.

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