Alpha Professional Tools Introduces Beveling Base Starter Kit

Alpha has designed a Starter Kit specifically for the Beveling Auxiliary Base to assist the precision grinding for a perfect mitered edge application. This kit came to fruition in consideration of time, human error and cost savings when compared to expensive machinery.

The Starter Kit contains: Beveling Auxiliary Base, Carriage Assembly, Guide Rail Set (4, 7 and 12-ft) and Surface Protection Tape. These components will assist in creating a precise edge whether mitered, beveled or straight with the use of a wet polisher or variable speed grinder with 5/8″-11 spindle. No matter the tool, the use of water is mandatory with this kit. In addition, this kit will reportedly reduce operator fatigue and improve the quality of finish as well as the processing speed.

According to the company, whether the edges are being prepared for a seamless countertop installation, miter edge for lamination or to give a “fancy” Hollywood bevel as the edge treatment, the Beveling Auxiliary Base will provide a secure angle (between 15 to 90 degrees).

The Beveling Base Starter Kit will provide control of the cutting depth and angle in order to make professional quality edges at a fraction of the cost.

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