Wilsonart Releases New Quartz and Solid Surface Designs

Wilsonart, a manufacturer of engineered surfaces, introduced new Quartz and Solid Surface designs that blend nature’s beauty and look stunning in both home and commercial settings.

The new hard surface designs tap into the color trends of warm and cool whites, greys and neutrals but also takes advantage of the resurgence of classic black stone. Several of the new Quartz “inspired-by-nature” veining patterns were created through robotic technology. The 2018 Quartz and Solid Surface designs celebrate natural materials through the following 10 new Quartz and seven new Solid Surface introductions:


Marble Falls – a warm white and grey mottled background with soft, linear veining down the length of the slab.

Rain Shadow – incorporates a cool grey mottled background with soft white veining throughout the slab.

North Cascades – a warm grey, natural branching vein structure that travels through a mottled grey and white background.

Coastal – features a mix of warm and cool greys creating a complex canvas backdrop for the dark grey branching veins.

SoHo – a medium soft grey concrete look.

Salar – features a bright white background with small clusters of charcoal and deep warm grey veining that naturally fades in and out across the slab. This pattern has both a classic and modern feel.

Ascent – a large-scale, chunky marble look that mixes white, charcoal and deep warm greys to encapsulate the elegance of warm white and grey veining.

Dinant – a complex black and grey background with white veining throughout the slab.

Desert Wind – a neutral, warm color palette with deep veins and subtle, pale taupe resin pools to create a subtle movement in the design.

Haldi – a semi-translucent deep grey pattern with warm gold veining.

Wilsonart Quartz meets industry standards including UL GREENGUARD Gold for indoor air quality, NSF International and Kosher compliances for safe surfaces for food preparation.

Solid Surface

Titanium Grey – a mid-value solid grey.

Angel Falls – a linear movement design that uses warm and cool neutral tones and clear chips to create a soft structure that looks similar to travertine.

Grey Lace – uses light and dark shades of grey in a linear design woven with small, clear particulate to give it a natural stone feel.

Saharan Night – a warm, dark brown and black design set in a linear structure resembling that of a modern woodgrain.

Silver Smoke – a soft, flowing large-scale linear movement design with a misty background full of flecks of white.

Hidden Space – a small scale particulate design in a deep, inky blue with bright specks and warm grey mists that replicate the deep cosmos.

Chilled Earth – a small-scale quartz look that combines warm and cool translucent particulates on a neutral white background.

Seamless, non-porous, Wilsonart® Solid Surface is renewable, repairable and versatile. The material is resistant to fade, heat, mold, mildew and most stains making it ideal for many settings. Backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, Wilsonart Solid Surface holds UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low-chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage and is NSF compliance for food preparation.

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