Water Treatment Solutions Helps Provide Information on Bacteria Growth & Related Safety Concerns in Hard Surface Fabrication Shops

Water Treatment Solutions offers a variety of information on its website at www.watertreatmentonline.com, and has been a source for numerous articles. One such article on the site that remains pertinent today, covers controlling bacteria in a closed loop water recycling system as an important preventative maintenance step.

After explaining the volume of bacteria in any environment, the article, written by Darin Dunphy, goes on to explain how harmful bacteria tend to thrive in the wet environment of a stone shop, and is a concern, particularly when it comes to health, safety and potential trouble with OSHA.

It subsequently lays out the background of the problem with bacteria, specifically with what are called endotoxins, and makes a case for real concerns. An account of how bacteria gets into, thrives on and causes damage to stone and quartz shops is provided. And after offering data on how workers could be introduced to endotoxins, an explanation of the damage they can do follows.

This probing and relevant piece conquers what steps can be taken to prevent the introduction of bacteria, arrest its growth, protect workers and prevent productivity issues. Useful and in-depth insight is then provided as to the use of city water versus recycled water as well as different treatment methods. Certainly, any hard surface shop can benefit from the understanding provided.

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